Roger Bucknall MBE, built three beautiful guitars for me.

Thank you very much, Roger!

A big thank you to Mr Adam Laboga for supporting me with his cables.

 The best capos on the market!

DR – fantastic strings HI-BEAM 80/20™ and guitar straps

T.Burton MJ13

The Hall of Fame reverb gives me a great sound on stage and PolyTune keeps me always in tune!

Writing music and TABs for the guitar has never been easier!

     Fred Kelly thumbpicks, USA


www.gedgreen.co.uk  guitar luthier from Manchester, UK

www.suttonstrings.com  guitar shop in New Hampshire, USA

www.musicinfo.pl  music dealer in Krakow, PL

www.wegenpicks.com  the best picks on the market – thanks, Michel! NL

www.music-joker.wloc.info music shop in Włocłwek, PL